Options For Improving The Appearance Of Teeth

Tooth whitening
Resin infiltration
Composite bonding veneers

Options For Replacing Lost Or Missing Teeth

Dental implants
Precision and specialised attachments

Dental Implant Options

Single tooth implant crown
Implant bridges to replace all or a number of teeth
Implant supported dentures
Same day teeth
Bone grafting
Sinus lift/grafting

Root Canal Treatments (With Microscope)

Specialist root canal treatments
Retreatment of failed root fillings
File and post removal
Open Apex
Root resorption apicectomies
Surgical endodontics

Specialist Gum Treatments

Gum grafts for gum recession
Gum regeneration procedures
Aesthetic gum reshaping
Gingival recontouring
Crown lengthening